Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Prologue: The Hear Me Roar Assignment

Salut mon amis!

Welcome to my blog, where I hope to shine a light on my own personal philosophies and  experiences. Learning from the best bloggers, I feel as though those which hold little contrivance and personal advertising are the most successful ones. And so, the blogs I find worth while are those that give a little taste of a person's life or skill, meanwhile it holds significance and enlightenment.

The only real reason I have made the choice to join the "blogosphere" is school related.  For my final assignment in American Literature and Composition, I was asked to create a blog due to our study of contemporary voice in literature. The rubric called for at least five, one hundred word posts, which tell a meaningful personal story to the online world. While I have felt motivated to blog at certain points in my life for my baking talents, allergy difficulties and abnormal online high school life, I never really had the courage to step up. 

Knowing that my story is one of incredible uniqueness and includes a high dosage of soul searching and spiritual ponderings, I quickly brainstormed what themes to address. In the end, I hope you all enjoy reading my short series of posts that explain a few of the things that have made me who I am.

In the mean time, please read with vigor, listen to the relating posted music, ponder deeply and "hold onto your potatoes". It's gonna be a wild ride (at least I hope so).

With Eternal Love,
Autumn Star

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