Friday, May 6, 2011

Listen Because Life Might be Saying Something Important

A few days back I went to something called the Brookside Art Fair. Earlier that day I had spent a good amount of cash at yard sales, and so I did not bring my pocket book. Most art is way out of my price range as it is...But I found something I wanted. It was just a simple wooden hair stick, with multicolored layers of natural wood. I sighed and got ready to walk off, when something very interesting happened. The artist, first explained the process in where he layered his scrap wood, cut and sanded each hair stick by hand. Telling him that I regretfully had no money, he gave me a smirk...and then a hair stick.

"You have my business card. When you get the money, you send it to me."
"But how do you know I will send it?"
"Either you will or you wont. But I have faith you will."

Talking to him further, he expressed feelings about life that I can truly requite.

"Whatever happens happens. Everything happens for a reason, and everything leads to something else."

This man did not trust me with the hair stick simply because he thought it would look pretty in my hair or because I wanted it. He gave it to me because he trusted life...he felt no fear and no limitations. He had Faith in a total stranger. That is why, the hair stick will always be a symbol of my ability to trust, and that life is meant to be lived with Faith. I know it may seem like a simple story, but this man truly touched me. He probably had little idea of the effect he had on me. And I find that most of the time, when we try to be profound, it isn't as amazing as when we just naturally are. I find that I am usually taken by surprise by the compliments I receive. And they only ever have a true effect on me when I am being my true self when receiving them.

"I think the world of you."
"You are the most beautiful person in this room."
"You are such a positive influence. You do a lot more to 'fix' people than you give yourself credit for."
"I will always be there for you, because of who you are."
"Your letter made me cry."
"You are a Goddess. The moment I saw you, I just knew."
"You make me want to be a better man."
"I don't pray very often, but having you in my life is something that I thank God for."
"I love you, truly."
"You are my STAR."
..."I trust you to send me my money. I have a feeling you are one of those honest people."

It doesn't matter if everyone agrees with a compliment or statement given to you, because it does not make it any less valid in the slightest. There is nothing wrong with feeling a bit of self confidence when you receive a compliment usually throws a few punches at your pride anyways. Give yourself a break and feel pride in your true self. And so, back on point, sometimes life reminds me that everything is actually just as it should be. Being your true self will be the only thing to truly affect people and leave a mark on this world. And trusting in other people's true self is the best way to demonstrate Faith.

Autumn Star


  1. Hard to have faith in myself, or life, when things look down and I don't really appeal to myself, but this post is a good reminder to have it anyway. And those compliments are well deserved. Just sayin'.

  2. Kansas, everyone deserves such compliments. "Just sayin'" :)

  3. I'm not the most beautiful person in the room. ""Just sayin'"""

    Double quotes. I win.