Friday, May 13, 2011

Poetry: Let's Get "Sappy"

 If you water in too much abundance
A sapling could drown, potentially die
But if nurtured just right it has the chance
To grow stronger and taller towards the sky 

I have always felt a strong connection to trees, so when asked to write an ABAB poem in class, this poem naturally came out. Trees really are like a great relationship. A tree has so many branches and leaves, it goes through seasons of change, and it is rooted deep within the ground. Similarly, Love can touch so many different aspects of life, change forms and is planted deep within your Heart and Faith. 
A sapling is a promise of future glory, strength, foundation and beauty. Although, a sapling can be small and fragile, needing only so much to drink. Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves, and give it too much water. This eventually drowns it and can potentially loosen the delicate roots. This is like a relationship, when it begins it needs enough love and interest to get it going and help it grow. But if your foundation, your roots, are not strong enough, it can't handle those big things yet. Let the relationship get stronger before you test it.

Knowing to take things slow, and enjoy a beginning relationship for what it is, can sometimes be the most loving of all things. It is like saying, “I love seeing our relationship grow, and I want it to be natural and long lasting.” Eventually, if it all works out, you should have a strong foundation for your relationship to stand upon. Of course trees get blown down in storms and cut down but that is the risk you have to accept if you want it to grow.
Each day I do my best to give the right amount of Love to the person I am currently in a relationship with. Although it is not an exact science, I think that it is going well and thriving at this moment. And I hope that one day this “sapling” can turn into a beautiful strong tree. But even if it doesn't, I know that it will eventually become part of the soil again, and nourish where some other seed shall be planted, turn into a sapling, and hopefully in the end become an ample and enduring tree. Now doesn't that prove the forest to be the most beautiful place on Earth?

Forever Loving,
Autumn Star

I hope I feel this way one day too:

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  1. You make some good points Autumn. I love the comparison you make between trees and building relationships.