Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Goodbye Post

And now, is when I say goodbye. My school assignment has been finished, and it is time to move onto other things. Thank you, to the few of you who followed me on this fun (short) journey. The discussions we had were so memorable.

I want everyone to know that they need to always keep dreaming, having Faith and changing into better people. Dreaming of the future is one of the most beautiful things you can do, but you have to remember that the present and the future are dependent upon one another. You cannot reach your dreams if you do not live in the moment but at the same time you must do things that bring you to the goals you have set out for yourself. The best way to reach your dreams is to have courage and trust in other people's True Selves, Love, and God. Which brings us to the importance of  Faith. There is little for me to say about Faith, because it is a subject different for each person and felt in a multitude of different forms. Although, I can say that I see Faith as the glue that holds everything together. It is what binds us and gives us trust in our True Self. If you can accomplish dreaming and keeping Faith, I promise that each day you will grow into a better and stronger person.

I dream that I will one day be able to share more of my ideas with the world. I know I will, although there is no way to tell whose life I will effect. Everything happens how it is supposed to, and if my journey is meant to help the whole planet, that is simply amazing. But if it is merely meant to build, nurture and teach the future family I know I will have, that is just as beautiful and amazing. I know my life will impact this world in some way.

So, will all of that aside, Goodbye. Enjoy this song, even if you don't enjoy country music. I used to hate it (except from Johnny Cash), but I couldn't help from loving this song.

Forever Grateful,
Autumn Star

PS Does anyone else sense a food blog in my future? Let me know what you think. :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Poetry: Let's Get "Sappy"

 If you water in too much abundance
A sapling could drown, potentially die
But if nurtured just right it has the chance
To grow stronger and taller towards the sky 

I have always felt a strong connection to trees, so when asked to write an ABAB poem in class, this poem naturally came out. Trees really are like a great relationship. A tree has so many branches and leaves, it goes through seasons of change, and it is rooted deep within the ground. Similarly, Love can touch so many different aspects of life, change forms and is planted deep within your Heart and Faith. 
A sapling is a promise of future glory, strength, foundation and beauty. Although, a sapling can be small and fragile, needing only so much to drink. Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves, and give it too much water. This eventually drowns it and can potentially loosen the delicate roots. This is like a relationship, when it begins it needs enough love and interest to get it going and help it grow. But if your foundation, your roots, are not strong enough, it can't handle those big things yet. Let the relationship get stronger before you test it.

Knowing to take things slow, and enjoy a beginning relationship for what it is, can sometimes be the most loving of all things. It is like saying, “I love seeing our relationship grow, and I want it to be natural and long lasting.” Eventually, if it all works out, you should have a strong foundation for your relationship to stand upon. Of course trees get blown down in storms and cut down but that is the risk you have to accept if you want it to grow.
Each day I do my best to give the right amount of Love to the person I am currently in a relationship with. Although it is not an exact science, I think that it is going well and thriving at this moment. And I hope that one day this “sapling” can turn into a beautiful strong tree. But even if it doesn't, I know that it will eventually become part of the soil again, and nourish where some other seed shall be planted, turn into a sapling, and hopefully in the end become an ample and enduring tree. Now doesn't that prove the forest to be the most beautiful place on Earth?

Forever Loving,
Autumn Star

I hope I feel this way one day too:

Friday, May 6, 2011

Listen Because Life Might be Saying Something Important

A few days back I went to something called the Brookside Art Fair. Earlier that day I had spent a good amount of cash at yard sales, and so I did not bring my pocket book. Most art is way out of my price range as it is...But I found something I wanted. It was just a simple wooden hair stick, with multicolored layers of natural wood. I sighed and got ready to walk off, when something very interesting happened. The artist, first explained the process in where he layered his scrap wood, cut and sanded each hair stick by hand. Telling him that I regretfully had no money, he gave me a smirk...and then a hair stick.

"You have my business card. When you get the money, you send it to me."
"But how do you know I will send it?"
"Either you will or you wont. But I have faith you will."

Talking to him further, he expressed feelings about life that I can truly requite.

"Whatever happens happens. Everything happens for a reason, and everything leads to something else."

This man did not trust me with the hair stick simply because he thought it would look pretty in my hair or because I wanted it. He gave it to me because he trusted life...he felt no fear and no limitations. He had Faith in a total stranger. That is why, the hair stick will always be a symbol of my ability to trust, and that life is meant to be lived with Faith. I know it may seem like a simple story, but this man truly touched me. He probably had little idea of the effect he had on me. And I find that most of the time, when we try to be profound, it isn't as amazing as when we just naturally are. I find that I am usually taken by surprise by the compliments I receive. And they only ever have a true effect on me when I am being my true self when receiving them.

"I think the world of you."
"You are the most beautiful person in this room."
"You are such a positive influence. You do a lot more to 'fix' people than you give yourself credit for."
"I will always be there for you, because of who you are."
"Your letter made me cry."
"You are a Goddess. The moment I saw you, I just knew."
"You make me want to be a better man."
"I don't pray very often, but having you in my life is something that I thank God for."
"I love you, truly."
"You are my STAR."
..."I trust you to send me my money. I have a feeling you are one of those honest people."

It doesn't matter if everyone agrees with a compliment or statement given to you, because it does not make it any less valid in the slightest. There is nothing wrong with feeling a bit of self confidence when you receive a compliment either...life usually throws a few punches at your pride anyways. Give yourself a break and feel pride in your true self. And so, back on point, sometimes life reminds me that everything is actually just as it should be. Being your true self will be the only thing to truly affect people and leave a mark on this world. And trusting in other people's true self is the best way to demonstrate Faith.

Autumn Star

Autumn is StarVING

Why do I cook? Perhaps watching the magic of yeast rising dough, which later becomes bread that is soft, chewy, crusty and delicate all at the same time. Feeling that burn in my arm from whipping whites by hand until they reach a peak, folding them into a lemon batter just to be rewarded with a citrus-y taste of Heaven containing a springing texture you cannot replicate by machine. Or maybe it is all to get the chance to turn sugar and butter into an edible version of gold that melts slowly on your thankful tongue...But no, these are just a few of the perks.

Cooking gives me a feeling of belonging, accomplishment and direction. Taking to the task of creating a beloved store bought confection, helps me prove that people are still better than machines. There is something to remembering tradition and authentic flavor. Something comforting about filling your home with the scent of cinnamon, cardamon and ginger when the time is right. And sitting at the dinner table with people who know how to have a loud discussion is my favorite time of the day. Food brings us together.

"Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God" 1 Corinthians 10:31

This verse reminds me that eating and cooking of all types, should be done with passion, meaning, Love and devotion. This may mean something different to every person. For some people don't even enjoy cooking. But then you get those of us who Love every last scent, texture and movement to cooking. If you tell me your favorite food, I promise to make it for you with every last ounce of Love I can. For it gives me the chance to enjoy my favorite part, which is watching you take that first bite and (hopefully) smile.

The kitchen is my favorite place in the world. Sometimes I like to be alone to practice my craft...but it's usually better with another food Lover there to help. Because cooking is an intimate process, and intimacy is only a product of Love.

Wishing Good Eating,
Autumn StarVING

We've got two "songs" today. The first is just silly, and quite interesting. The second is a video from Waitress...I love that movie... 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Life is One of Miracles

What is a Miracle? I truly believe each person has a different answer to this question, that is if they even consider it to be more than wishful thinking. But for me, Miracles are what grants Faith and courage to live each day. I truly believe that Miracles are everywhere, but they only exist when recognized. Divine intervention aside (this is a blog for people of all faiths), Miracles are those things that emerge against all odds and help us feel love and accomplishment.

But to me, God is love. And Love gives us the ability to have passion and preference...which in return give us the ability to be aware of everything around us. Awareness is the greatest Miracle of all. For without the gift and Miracle of awareness, no other Miracle would exist. It reminds me of the saying, “If a tree falls down in a forest and no one is around, does it make any noise?”

And so, each and every day, I give thanks for every Miracle I am able to be aware of. They are everywhere. I find them hiding deep within the cracks of my life, wishing and waiting to be discovered. Usually they show themselves without hesitance, taking form of a ray of brilliant sunshine, a sweet kiss, a newborn child, a song being sung, the bringing together of family and friends, the first snow, and every other beautiful moment life bestows upon us. But I have found, that the most important Miracles are those that you have to search for. 

Every hard thing I have ever experienced has been a Miracle in disguise. This world is endless, and the way things work out may seem like something to be victimized by juxtaposed feeling Blessed. But I realized that I would never have the ability to recognize the Miracles in my life, nor appreciate them, if I had not been hurt and disappointed at some other point in time. Miracles give me the Faith that something good can come from each situation, even if it is just another lesson to help me in the end.

This isn't exactly the best quality, but I have always loved this song. I feel as though this song sings My Truth. I hope you enjoy it as much as I always have. 

Autumn Star

Food Revolution

"I just signed the Food Revolution petition! Find out more and do your part by visiting www.jamiesfoodrevolution.com"

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is a show about school lunches, what they are doing to childrens' health and what to do instead. And after watching the show, I can say that you probably would not believe the food that gets fed to children in school! I am a firm believer in a healthy, balanced diet for each and every young person. When you are a child you build your basis for food/eating "morals". Creating healthy habits early in life is the first step to ensuring future health and happiness. Please support Jamie in his attempt to change the food being consumed by children in school. All you have to do is sign the petition.

"A Japanese child is not born wanting rice and seaweed for breakfast...just as an American child is not born wanting sugar cereal." -Taken from Ruth Reichl. 

-Autumn Star 

P.S. This is not part of my assignment series, I just feel it is an important subject that needs to be addressed. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Prologue: The Hear Me Roar Assignment

Salut mon amis!

Welcome to my blog, where I hope to shine a light on my own personal philosophies and  experiences. Learning from the best bloggers, I feel as though those which hold little contrivance and personal advertising are the most successful ones. And so, the blogs I find worth while are those that give a little taste of a person's life or skill, meanwhile it holds significance and enlightenment.

The only real reason I have made the choice to join the "blogosphere" is school related.  For my final assignment in American Literature and Composition, I was asked to create a blog due to our study of contemporary voice in literature. The rubric called for at least five, one hundred word posts, which tell a meaningful personal story to the online world. While I have felt motivated to blog at certain points in my life for my baking talents, allergy difficulties and abnormal online high school life, I never really had the courage to step up. 

Knowing that my story is one of incredible uniqueness and includes a high dosage of soul searching and spiritual ponderings, I quickly brainstormed what themes to address. In the end, I hope you all enjoy reading my short series of posts that explain a few of the things that have made me who I am.

In the mean time, please read with vigor, listen to the relating posted music, ponder deeply and "hold onto your potatoes". It's gonna be a wild ride (at least I hope so).

With Eternal Love,
Autumn Star