Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Life is One of Miracles

What is a Miracle? I truly believe each person has a different answer to this question, that is if they even consider it to be more than wishful thinking. But for me, Miracles are what grants Faith and courage to live each day. I truly believe that Miracles are everywhere, but they only exist when recognized. Divine intervention aside (this is a blog for people of all faiths), Miracles are those things that emerge against all odds and help us feel love and accomplishment.

But to me, God is love. And Love gives us the ability to have passion and preference...which in return give us the ability to be aware of everything around us. Awareness is the greatest Miracle of all. For without the gift and Miracle of awareness, no other Miracle would exist. It reminds me of the saying, “If a tree falls down in a forest and no one is around, does it make any noise?”

And so, each and every day, I give thanks for every Miracle I am able to be aware of. They are everywhere. I find them hiding deep within the cracks of my life, wishing and waiting to be discovered. Usually they show themselves without hesitance, taking form of a ray of brilliant sunshine, a sweet kiss, a newborn child, a song being sung, the bringing together of family and friends, the first snow, and every other beautiful moment life bestows upon us. But I have found, that the most important Miracles are those that you have to search for. 

Every hard thing I have ever experienced has been a Miracle in disguise. This world is endless, and the way things work out may seem like something to be victimized by juxtaposed feeling Blessed. But I realized that I would never have the ability to recognize the Miracles in my life, nor appreciate them, if I had not been hurt and disappointed at some other point in time. Miracles give me the Faith that something good can come from each situation, even if it is just another lesson to help me in the end.

This isn't exactly the best quality, but I have always loved this song. I feel as though this song sings My Truth. I hope you enjoy it as much as I always have. 

Autumn Star

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